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Covid-19 as we know, has made a huge impact on our day to day life. Since the pandemic, we have implemented new measures to assure our company runs as smoothly and as safely as possible!

Changes that have been made:

1) All designers and support staff are working from their homes.

2) Our printing and fulfilment centres have also introduced new measures to help control the spread of Covid-19. The following measures have been put into place:

 - All staff members are temperature checked before clocking into work.
 - PPE has been distributed to all staff (safety masks, gloves and aprons).
 - Shift patterns are staggered.
 - All staff are instructed to keep a 6 foot distance at all times.
 - Partition tables have been introduced in to all break rooms.
 - An on-site wellness clinic has been set up, with a 24/7 direct helpline.
 - Backup facilities have now been introduced, this is to help spread out the work and to help keep orders flowing. 

Finally we are continuing to follow guidelines from the CDC, WHO, US Department of State, local governments, and health agencies and adapt our facility operations accordingly.

What does this mean for you?

Cartoon My Car is fully operational, however our usual guidelines of up to 15 business days may be delayed. There are two reasons for this, the first is that our communication times between staff have increased, since all conversations are via email or phone. Two, our fulfilment centres are slower than usual due to all of the new measures implemented.

We are very thankful for all orders made and for the patience that our customers are showing! It means so much to us, as a small business we were unsure how this would impact us, however we are proud to say that we are still operational and it's thanks to everyone who supports us!

We need your help!

We ask that you please consider our new measures prior to placing an order with us. We also ask that if you could please make sure when contacting us, that you contact us with as much information as possible as this will help speed things up for all of us!

Buying as a gift?

Prior to placing your order, please email us directly here - support@cartoonmycar.com and we will try to suit your deadlines, where applicable. 

Stay safe and thank you again,

Cartoon My Car.